confessions of a bored academic

1. I‘m tired of grading the same kinds of assignments over and over.


2. I miss the days when I could spend more time doing research and actually exploring new ideas.


3. I‘m frustrated by how little time I get to spend with students outside of the classroom.


4. I wish I had more control over the curriculum so that I could better align it with my own interests and research.


5. I‘m bored of the same lectures and teaching techniques and wish I could try something new and exciting.


6. I‘m overwhelmed by the administrative duties that come with teaching and can‘t wait for a break.


7. I feel guilty when I have to cancel office hours for any reason.


8. I‘m disappointed in how little support I get from the university for professional development.


9. I‘m frustrated by the lack of respect and recognition I receive from my colleagues.


10. I wish I had more time to pursue my own intellectual interests.