How to Publish With Others

Publishing with others can be an amazing experience. Not only do you share the work load, but you have people around you who can push you and make your work better. Because you want it to go well there are some general guidelines to put in place up front that can make the process run smoother.

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  • Leigh, I co-published my first peer reviewed article with a colleague in my department. It was a case study of how we had implemented a set of emerging technologies in our library. Co-writing was a great experience because I was new in my career and because my partner had experience navigating the peer review process. My only regret is that I’ve not had more opportunities to collaborate on writing projects!

  • Co-writing can be a great experience especially when you’re new. I’ve found that just reaching out to people who have similar interests to yours is a great way to discuss potential collaborations. One of my co-authors was someone I didn’t know at all until I reached out to her and said I thought we should talk. We published some things together and became great friends. My recommendation is to try to connect with others. It won’t always pan out, but for me often it does.