May Video Round Up

At the end of each month, I do a brief overview of the videos posted to my You Tube Channel. Here’s the run down for May:

Creating Book Snaps

This month, I learned about book snaps and gave them a go. There are lots of possibilities for how you can incorporate them into your instruction.


Reading Without Walls

While Reading Without Walls was a challenge for the month of April, you can use it year round. I’m planning to use it in the upcoming academic year with my online masters classes.

Using Edorble

Edorble is a 3D world that you can use for online instruction. It’s gorgeous and easy to use.

Customizable Pathway Design

I’m really into this concept right now. Basically, it explores how we can design courses that give students options for how they engage with the content. Students can take a predetermined path or modify it based on their goals and background knowledge.

That should give you plenty of ideas to play around with this month! Which ones are you planning to try?

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