Trunk Club Review #1

I think it’s high time we bring some fashion into this space. And when I say fashion, I don’t mean I’m turning this into a fashion blog or I’m about to get all fancy on you. I’m writing this in a pair of running shorts for goodness sake. And they aren’t even new. They are at least 10 years old and very well worn. All I’m saying is I think it could be helpful to take a look at some places where we can get clothing that might make us a little bit more fashionable when we show up for work.

You can define fashionable however you want. Most of the time I define it through yoga pants.

But, unfortunately, I cannot wear yoga pants everywhere. There are times when I have to put on something else (what’s up with that???). While I love buying clothes, and I really don’t even mind trying them on, over the years I come to the conclusion that showing up to the mall is a terrible, horrible thing.

I like clothes. I do not like the mall. Please do not make me go there.

I’ve tried several services that ship clothes to your doorstep. My experiences have varied, but today I’m going to share my experience with Trunk Club. Trunk Club does styling for men and women.

Note: No one asked me to review Trunk Club. I decided it would be a good idea to write about it after the fact as I thought this could add a nice dimension to the blog. I spent my own money on everything and received nothing for this.

The Basics That I Love

Trunk Club does not charge a styling fee. If they send you a box, and you want none of it, you just send it back and pay nothing. Nothing at all.

They set you up with a stylist. You get to communicate with your stylist in advance of the trunk shipping. You get to see what is in your box before it ships, and you get to say Yeah or Nay to items. Nay items will get replaced, and you can view the trunk again. I went back and forth a few times with my stylist before the trunk shipped.

Experience #1

I returned everything in my first trunk. It didn’t work for me and/or some items were too pricey. I sent my stylist links to items I liked, and we redid the trunk for a second time around. I’m ok if the first trunk isn’t a hit with me. We were getting to know each other. We went back and forth a few times, and then the second trunk shipped.

The Trunk Arrives

This is the trunk.
This is the trunk.

I opened up my trunk and found lots of pretty items wrapped up along with a box of shoes. Hooray for shoes! Trunk Club sends you a return label and extra tape to close your box back up for return shipping. You have 10 days with your clothes.


The first thing I went to was the coat on the left. It was gorgeous, and I knew I was probably going to end up buying it from the minute I saw it (I did).


The coat fit beautifully and was like nothing I had in my closet. Although it was 105 outside with the heat index, I pranced around the house in it and looked forward to cooler weather (which says a lot about my love for this coat because 105 is totally not an issue for me). Price was 150.00

Next up were these awesome booties:


These are suede and waterproof. Also, my stylist attempted to put them in my first trunk, but I said no. Then I did nothing but think of them and asked for them back. I was glad that I fell in love with them. Incredibly comfortable. Price was around 150.00

I was in dire need of a new pair of jeans and had requested them. I had said yes to these, but I did not catch that the top was a lighter color. At first I had a flashback to my years as a teenager in the 1980’s. I was 100% FOR SURE not going to buy them. But I tried them on because that is the general rule with these services, and it’s a good one.

Good grief. They were amazing. They also looked terrific with the booties and the coat. It’s not easy to find a good pair of jeans that fit well. So when they show up, I buy’em. The price – 225.00. I am sure you could get jeans for less from Trunk Club. Obviously you can get jeans cheaper a lot of places. For better or worse, I crossed a line a long time ago with jeans, and I have no problem with the price. My advice: Don’t try on a pair of jeans that are $150.00+ unless you are prepared to learn what you have been missing.


Finally, the last piece I bought was a plain and simple white shirt (59.00):


The shirt is a bit big and loose and so comfortable. It works with the jeans and booties and a scarf. The coat looks great over it as well.

The Send Backs

I sent back two pieces. One was a denim jacket. I actually loved it but chose the coat instead as the coat will get more play. The second was a gray shirt that – while a nice color for me – had a neckline that I didn’t really care for. But four out of six? I consider that a massive win. And really, I loved 5/6. Plus – no mall!

My Take

I know this was an expensive haul (584.00 is my tally give or take a couple of bucks), but the clothes are high quality and will last for a long, long time. But honestly, I have found quality to be lacking in other services I have used that give me cheaper options. I don’t need a ton of clothes because I work a lot from home (which, theoretically, can be used as a justification for my desire to own tons of yoga pants). I don’t plan on spending 600.00 – or even 400.00  – every single month on clothing. But when I spend money, I want to really, really like what I am getting. And I do. I love it.

One Year Ago

Two Years Ago




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