Blogging for Teachers: Part 1 – Why Blog?

A goal of mine for this blog is to get it better connected to my You Tube channel. I say that like I have a solid You Tube channel – I don’t. It’s kind of a mess. But it’s a goal of mine to develop it more and connect it to this blog.

In that vein, I have decided to launch a series on blogging for teachers. If you are a teacher at any level then this series will be for you. Some videos might get a little specific in terms of topic or age range/teaching level, but most will be broad enough to cut across grade/age. Videos will be posted on Fridays and kept to five minutes or less. I might post more than one video now and then to keep the pace moving,

As an educator, you might already have your students blog or you might be interested in using blogging as an instructional technique. I (of course) think that’s great! But, as I thought about this series, I decided that it’s important for you, as a teacher, to think about being a part of the blogging community.

There are so many benefits for you to have your own blog. And I think that being a part of the blogging community will make you better at using it in your own instruction. Plus, you will get tons of personal benefits out of it as well!

This first video focuses on why you should consider blogging as a regular part of your practice.