Battles, Raids, and Defense Strategies

The two classes I am gaming this fall are both masters classes. Each class is made up of different students. The students move through the program in cohorts. One of my classes is in their second and final year of the program, and the other has just started the program.

The other day, I launched a very simply riddle across both cohorts:

Who are you and why have you entered my realm? You must introduce yourself by leaving your message in the appropriate place. What is the appropriate place? You should leave your message in the spot of 3/14. Leaving it anywhere else gets you nothing. 

See my Friday notes for the full discussion.

As people started solving the riddle one cohort pulled out in front of the other which led me to think, hey, we should totally be having cohort battles.

So that’s a thing now.

The Battle of PI was the first cohort battle. The goal was to get your introduction posted to the class PI page. One cohort clearly kicked the other cohort’s butt at this.

Battles will be worth achievement points which means: (a) engaging in them is optional and (b) engaging in them will not help or hurt your grade. When a student participates in a battle, they each earn their own achievement points. I tally the points earned per battle to determine the winner between the cohorts. Simple enough. You get achievement points that are yours to keep. These points help you level up and buy items in the item shop. They can also help you Level Up and earn Skillz. So participating in battles helps you and your cohort. One cohort will emerge victorious at the end of the semester. I have no idea what that means beyond the simple act of winning right now.

Winning battles is all well and good, but what about having the ability to conduct raids? Oh yeah. We should totally have raids as an option. Here’s how raiding is going to work:

  • The ability to conduct a raid will happen when a student reaches a certain level (level yet undecided, but it will need to be relatively high).
  • You can conduct the raid ONCE.
  • When you earn the right to conduct a raid, you will email me and tell me you want to conduct a raid
  • I will send an announcement out to the cohort being raided and tell them your intent to raid
  • If a member has earned the skillz to defeat a raid, that member can enact it. I am going to put in things like ability to defeat a certain percentage of a raid – 15%, 25%, 50%, and so on all the way up to 100%. You can enact the earned skill once. So let’s say that at Level 5 you earn the skill to defeat 15% of a raid, you can use that once and then you can’t use it again.
  • There will be a time limit – probably 48 hours- to figure out if anyone can or will step up to defeat the raid or lessen the damage.
  • When the raid is conducted, it will happen in person in class. On video, the raider will roll a die and we will multiple that by 1000. So roll a 1 and you get to take 1000 achievement points away from the other cohort’s collective battle points and add them to your own cohort’s points (note: individually earned achievement points always stay intact).
  • I will send the video to the cohort that was raided. If someone stepped up to defend, then the appropriate amount of points will be deducted. For example, if 1000 points were to be taken but someone was able to keep 25% intact then the raiding cohort gets 750 points.

This means there is a risk in conducting a raid. Cohort A never knows what skillz Cohort B has and/or is willing to use (and vice versa). If A wants to raid B and someone from B can defeat them by 50% or 100% then, well, Cohort A is out of luck and someone just wasted their raiding skill. If you are getting raided and you have the ability to defeat at 50% or greater, you are always taking a risk. If the raider rolls a one, that’s not the same benefit as if the raider rolled a five or six.

I love it.