Next Steps in Gaming

I’ve outlined a number of ways to get into gaming your classroom. While these have applied to my teacher education courses, the general principles can be utilized across contexts. Remember that I took the ideas from Chris who had initially implemented them in a high school English class. So don’t get too hung up on context here. Take the general principal and run with it.

For the moment, I’ll be winding down my series on Gaming in Teacher Education until August. When classes start, I will be fully documenting what takes place – from my perspective of course! 🙂 I’ll try to incorporate what my students think when I can and as best as I can.

There will be some more details to come. I’ll be documenting how I use leader boards and keep up with the daily grind of XP and achievement points. I’ll share with you what we end up with for an item shop. I’ll also be designing additional quests in at least one of my courses, and I’ll share those directions with you. It’s actually going to be a sub-quest within a larger quest that they are presented with on day one. I have no idea at all what this will look like. I’ll be making it up as I go along.

Between now and then, I will keep on babbling about whatever is relevant to me at the moment as it relates to academics, teaching, and research. It may or may not have anything to do with gaming. I will say this, working on this gaming project has breathed serious new life into my teaching and into me as an instructor. I look at everything differently now. I see things in the regular world all the time that inspire me in some way.

For example…I was at dinner recently with a group of girls. One of them had recently participated in some sort of scavenger hunt. My mind instantly went into thinking about how I could use a scavenger hunt in connection with gaming my classes. I already have one idea – but it’s for the spring semester back with my Politics of Reading Class. I started thinking I could pull together some kind of scavenger hunt to advertise my course for the fall. Put up some flyers on campus with a QR code on it and start from there. At the end, if you send me an answer to some sort of question you unlock an achievement and begin the class with a badge and achievement points (not XP – and remember that achievement points do not count towards a grade). Hmmm….I have a hunch this is a future blog post. I need to work this idea out!

I’m excited for the fall, and excited for what it will bring. For the moment, I am a slightly less bored academic, and that’s a good thing.

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