Learn How to Get Published

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about finding opportunities to publish in graduate school and created this video in support of it. In the post, I discussed what I would be addressing in the future. I envisioned a series of posts/videos that would continue to develop this topic of publishing and help students who wanted to publish develop the skill set to do so.

I’m excited to say that I am in the middle of doing all this. It is just turning out different from what I first envisioned.

Rather than having a stand alone set of random posts/videos for you to sort through, I am developing an online course through Udemy. Putting a course like this on Udemy is going to be much better for you. Here’s why:

online learning1. I’ve already outline an entire series of topics that should help you be a well-launched academic writer. Topics include how the review and publication process works, how to identify outlets for publication, and fostering good writing habits.

2. There are currently 26 lectures scheduled in the course (this number may move slightly up or down as I tweak things). Each one is short – no more than 10 minutes – and crafted specifically on a topic related to academic writing and publishing. I am able to break down the process in a way that allows you to see all the little nuances you need to consider to do this well.

3. More information! Doing this through Udemy allows me to give you video as well as written documents. You will get more content AND it will be better organized than if it was presented through my blog.

4. Interactions. I’ll be developing ways for us to interact. More information on that later once I have the details sorted out.

5. Constant development and refinement. I think this course is shaping up to be pretty great, but like any course it can always benefit from being refined. Once you are a student in the course you are a student for life. I will be developing more content based on your input and what you need. You will have access to the new content free of charge!

At this point the course is about half developed. I’ve got the content outlined, but now I have to hunker down and get it fully developed. I hope to have it out before Christmas – maybe even by the start of November. I’ll let you know when the launch date hits and stay tuned for special offers if you join the course early on. I’ll have some coupons for people to register for free and at a deeply discounted rate.