Enter the World of Online Teaching

In my last post, I noted that I was on my way out of town to learn about summer teaching. I’m writing this though from my home office. I’m a couple of days away from leaving and starting this adventure, and I’ve got lots of thoughts running through my head. Most of them are about fashion.

First, what is this event that I’m headed too? That’s a good question. In all honesty, I got the opportunity to apply at the very last minute (I had about 48 hours to put together my application), and didn’t know much except that it was a 10-day fellowship in Asheville, NC dedicated to helping professors learn how to develop and teach an online course. I just really, really wanted to acquire the skills to teach an online course – and it teach it in an excellent and creative way – that I blindly tossed my application in and now I’m going.

There are many exciting things on the agenda. Already I am liking how it is structured. Mornings seem to be whole group workshops (some kind of lecture/presentation is my guess), and afternoons allow for us to break out and meet with people who have a particular specialty they can teach or consult with us on. This is my best guess from reading emails and looking at the agenda. The afternoon seems to provide a more tailored approach so participants can select a topic that is of interest and relevant to whatever they are imagining for their course. I’ll blog about what these topics are once I get into them.

So I’m ok with a bit of the whole group thing happening. I get that this necessary, and I’m interested in the topics so it should be fine. I love how there is time in the afternoon for me to hone in on what makes sense for me. Do you know what I don’t like about all this? Do you know what is pissing me off right now?

My inspiration.
My inspiration.

The dress code. For real. Of all the *&%!* in the world. And honestly, in typical metal-head/rocker girl fashion (oh yeah…I am totally in those categories) I just want to rebel and wear a bikini to every single event.

I know I am going to sound like a total whiny brat, and I am fine with that. We have to dinners to attend that the fellowship pays for, and I am expected to wear business attire to them. Now, I don’t know where the closing dinner is, but the opening dinner is at a restaurant I have been to before. I had already decided to wear jeans, an adorable shirt (sleeveless!) and boots. Because I knew that outfit would totally work in that setting. Business attire? We are a bit over the top here. Maybe I should forgo the bikini and wear a formal ball gown. Now that I think about it….I do have a more formal dress/clutch/heels that don’t get out much…..It’s a bit over the top, but hey, I did pay a lot for that dress…..

Then, during the day (literally from 9:00-5:00), I am expected to wear business casual. Why? Why am I expected to dress in business casual to sit around in a class setting and stare at the same people day in and day out? Does this mean my skinny jeans, adorable t-shirt, and fabulous infinity scarf are out? Maybe it technically does, but I say nay-nay. I say break those jeans out baby.

Ain’t I a rebel?

Now, I get that people want to know how to dress for events, and I can see how providing some sort of idea about that might be helpful. But in reality, I’m kind of limited in my dressy attire. I work from home most of the year. I don’t need to get super dressed up to teach class. My idea of looking a bit nice is either go to fall on the too under-dressed side of business casual or too over-dressed. I’ve got a few things in between that will work. But mostly, I just hate being told how to dress. Let’s set attire aside and focus on the learning, ok? I don’t think anyone is going to mess anything up by coming in causal attire.

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